17 Reasons Why Fear of Failure is So Hot Right Now

fear of failure
When I took this photo, I was lost. Now, I'm still lost. Somewhere in the Carpathian Mountains, Romania.

The last epic journey I attempted, I failed. My plan was to travel overland from Singapore, to the Netherlands, where my dear old mother lives. The fine-grain of how I would actually accomplish this, I would figure out along the way. I did enough research to realise that 3 – 6 months would be a realistic timeframe, for my style of travel. Slow travel. A few days here, a month there. Even then, that would really be pushing it. But who am I to scoff at 6 months of travelling? I had never spent that long in continual movement, in my life.

Six months later, I had visited 25 countries, from Indonesia, to Norway, and many points in-between. Mostly, overland. Mostly. However, there was a big chunk of the world that I flew over. I missed India, Iran, and a whole host of countries that were on “the list”. What is important, is that I had the time of my life. Even more importantly, I had failed to accomplish what I set out to do. Now, I had my excuse. An excuse, to commence another journey. Not that I needed an excuse, my feet were born itchy, and I definitely have the genes of a nomad.

Life changing months lie ahead for me. In private, and with Phillipa, the shy and better looking half of my life, I’ve been calling the next period of my life the “New Deal”. As with Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 1930’s American reforms (don’t worry, this isn’t about Politics), the goal of my New Deal is to create a new, better, dream-catching life. A life full of travel, bacon flavoured champagne, and a black silk cape with “Yomadic” stitched on the back in thread spun from pure gold. Not that my life has been bad so far, on the contrary, I’ve had a roaring old time. I feel fortunate, and privileged, to be where I am today. Maybe even a bit lucky.

But, there’s a movement afoot. The quit-your-job-and-skyve-off-around-the-world-forever-movement. I’m part of that movement. In fact, I’m applying for position as assistant ring leader. I’ve quit my job, and I’m currently preparing for the journey ahead. I don’t accept that a job is anyone’s mission in life. Your vocation might be, but your job isn’t. No, stop arguing with yourself, it’s not. There’s a big difference between a job and a vocation. 

Quitting your job and travelling the world, is “sexy”. It’s “cool”. Like anything that is sexy and cool, it has a bunch of buzz-words associated with it. Digital Nomad, Lifestyle Hacker, Location Independent Warrior. Many of the terms are a bit manly, a bit masculine. That’s fine – if you’re the type that responds to promises of riding a V8 Jet-ski all day, fuelled with pure Unicorn sweat, for simply working four-hours-a-week, good luck to you. Be epic, etc. However, I have noticed a common tendency for books and websites to gloss over the reality of life, promising totally unrealistic lifestyles.

My advice is, you don’t need a lot of money to travel the world, or to be happy in life.

Want the travelling lifestyle?

Just work hard, eliminate all of your debt, and spend less than you earn.

That’s good advice. Really good. But, it won’t help everyone. What if you only earn $2 a day (I have a friend in Cambodia who does)? Hmm.

Before I get to the point, do you know how many people made fun of me, for failing to get overland from SE Asia to Europe? None.

My goals were out in public, I had told many people of my plan, and I had failed. And still, nobody made fun of me, criticised me, or laughed at me.

It’s no big deal. I’ve failed before and I’ll fail again. Nobody goes through life without failing. Everybody fails. Sooner, or later.

However, many, many people go through life, not following their dreams, due to fear of failure. Thats another thing I just can’t accept.

Failure is so hot right now. Everyone is doing the fear-of-failure-dance.

I’m trying to make the music stop, so that we can all get our New Deal.

We could all use a New Deal. Travel, is my New Deal. It’s my Unicorn sweat powered Jet-ski ticket to Epic-ville. It might not be your New Deal, that’s cool.

The most important thing, beyond money, beyond your lot in life, beyond everything else , is right between your own ears. There is one truth you need to start with, in order to get the lifestyle you want:

Everything you can imagine, is real.

The truth is, it all starts with what you believe is possible.

And, at this point in the life of Yomadic, as I sit here listening to soul music, that’s about as deep as I can get. Today, on the 27th April, 2012, Yomadic celebrates a 3 month milestone. I decided before I started Yomadic – “I’ll give it 3 months, and decide then whether to continue or not”. It’s an easy decision. I love doing this. I love the feedback, I love that I have already inspired people. I love that I have already pissed off a “travel blogging superstar” (or two), by not sticking to their advice… …advice including “don’t bother starting another travel blog” …seriously?

I would like to offer a genuine, heart-felt, thanks, to those who have shared some great advice, in private, and in the comments here. And, to all who are following along. I hope to catch some of you in real life sooner or later. For those who haven’t joined the email list, do me one favour? Join. It’s free of charge, and free of spam:


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Here’s to the next 3 months!


PS, I will endeavour to occasionally show you more of “me”, and add some continuity to Yomadic. It’s been a bit all over the place, and I understand there are questions that some people are dying to know the answers to. Those answers are coming. Some have already been answered, in the subscriber emails.

PPS, the “17 Reasons Thing?” Trust me, list posts may suck, but they make for great headlines. There are no 17 Reasons, sorry for being cheeky. ;)


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