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blue eye spring albania

Long Story Short – Albania is The Biggest Secret in European Tourism

Albania should be the biggest thing in European Tourism. It isn’t. Even Albanians are staying away. But, adventurous tourists are starting to trickle in. Why? Take a look…

Belgrade Gun Club Bar

My Travel Plans for The Forseeable Future. No Hookers, Some Stan’s

The world needs another “my travel plans” article, about as much as we need another American mother dressing their five year old daughter like a hooker. And yet, here we are.

belgrade street photography

How To Really Afford Long Term Travel (hint: not donuts)

I’m entering my third year of long term travel around the world. This article outlines how I afford it. Keywords: millionaire, street photography, donuts, not donuts.

abandoned buildings belgrade

Exploring the Ruin Porn of Yugoslavia – Dim The Lights, Shut the Door

The 1990’s was a devastating time to be in Yugoslavia. War and economics combined, creating a set of abandoned buildings that now have become tourist attractions…

mount Trebevic bobsled track sarajevo

Beautifully Abandoned Sarajevo Olympic Bobsled Track is Russia’s Future

Long after the 1984 Winter Olympics, a graffiti covered abandoned bobsled track snakes it’s way through overgrown forest on Mount Trebević. Sochi, Russia, time to take notes.

European road trip - the car, the mountains, Austria

It Just Got A Lot Harder To Use the Words “Epic Road Trip”

Cruising through The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, and Romania, was just the test drive.

Travel Writer Visits Sri Lanka, Discovers Paradise – With A Catch

The beaches, food, and people of Sri Lanka have grabbed me – and they will grab you too. Sure, it’s a tropical island paradise. When Sri Lanka is good, it’s great. But when it’s bad…

communist architecture

Inside The World’s Most Ridiculously Extravagant Communist Building

Communist architecture? Brutal, heavy on concrete, and dystopian? Not this. Travel inside the 1980’s commie building that would make a royal palace blush…