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perth isolated city world

Perth – Is this Really The Real Australia? Update: Yes

The reality is, if you’re a tourist, you will probably never see, or experience, the real Australia. And even if you’re Australian, the real Australia is probably not what you think it is…

Buddhist Hell - Dikwella Temple, Sri Lanka

Buddhist Hell, Sri Lanka – Gruesome Photos Banned By Facebook, Revealed (WARNING: LOL’s)

Buddhist Hell is a real place – one artists vision is on display at the rarely-visited Wewurukannala Vihara temple, in the amusingly named town of Dikwella. Deep in remote South Sri Lanka, LOL’s await…

bulgaria communist monument shumen

Insane Bulgarian Communist Monuments – Size Really Did Matter

In communist Bulgaria, you won’t believe the monuments that were built with concrete, bricks, money, and just a little bit of forced labour…

Akhaltsikhe georgia - deep in snow

In 2014, You’re Coming to the Balkans With Me, Right?

From Europe to Asia and back again. The 350 Euro car has now travelled over 14000 km’s. And this June, I want you to join me on a special road trip through the Balkans…

Lake Ohrid, Macedonia.

Insiders Guide To The Best of Europe – Hottest Destinations For 2014

I’m finally ready to spill the beans – the best places in Europe, 2014. The best country, city, small town, and getaways, that Europe has to offer. Agree? Disagree? Read on.

Going, going, gone. Old Tbilisi.

Georgia: Old Tbilisi – Decaying Beauty, or Birth of a Tourist Trap?

Beautifully decaying, Old Tbilisi is at the heart of the Georgian capital city. It’s future is far from certain. One thing is for sure – no other European city has a neighbourhood quite like this.

street photography armenia

I Was Held Captive for Eighty Hours at the Armenian Border – It Wasn’t So Bad

Remote border crossings are always unpredictable. Travelling overland between Georgia and Armenia, I had no idea what to expect. Especially not this.

Abandoned city - Ani in Turkey and Armenia

Visiting the Biggest Abandoned City You’ve Never Heard of – Ani

Deep in Eastern Turkey on the Armenian border, Ani was once one of the worlds greatest cities. But, that was hundreds of years ago. Today, it’s abandoned.